Charles W. Cosmato

Charles W. Cosmato is the director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and
Learning at Radford University. Cosmato joined Radford University in 1997 as
an instructor in the Department of Physical and Health Education. In 1999 he
was appointed educational technology specialist with Project CAREER, and in
2004 he became assistant director of the Technology in Learning Center.

Cosmato directs a wide range of activities that help the university explore creative options for teaching and learning. The center’s current projects include enhancing access to RU through online distance education and e-learning, and exploring combinations of training, best-practices showcases, quality-assurance programming, and technical innovation to serve the colleges in collaboration with the Division
of Information Technology.

Mr. Cosmato earned his BS in Education, Exercise Physiology, Health Education in 1993 and hisMS in Adult Education, Health Promotion in 1995, both from Radford University.